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In Halycon’s interactive VR episodes, viewers are transported to another dimension and immersed in the investigation of Creighton’s mysterious death. The core crime scene location was re-created through a combination of digitally generated environments, spatial mapping, volumetric motion capture, and photogrammetry-assisted 3D modeling.

Client: Secret Location

Work: Music

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An award-winning interactive book series for ages 6 – 12. Runner-up “App Store Best of 2015.”

A rumour of magic, a glimpse of the impossible, a door to a world where the imagined is real… “The Incredible Tales of Weirdwood Manor” is a unique interactive book series for creative minds and busy hands, 6 - 12 years old.

“The Incredible Tales of Weirdwood Manor” is a beautifully illustrated picture book, a stunningly animated movie, and a challenging series of games and puzzles.  60-90 minutes of game play in each of the 6 Books

Client: All Play No Work

Work: Music


The narrative of the film and its characters seem to be caught in an infinite loop. Various game moments are seamlessly integrated into the film, providing cues as to how the user can break this cycle. Ultimately the audience must complete these tests and use their phone to delve deeper into the narrative and access the end of the story.

Client: Secret Location

Work: Music

Students in Pikangikum First Nation collaborated with ArtsCan Circle, artists Michael Cywink and Bracken Hanuse-Corlett, and Amanda Strong of Spotted Fawn Productions, to create a mural based on traditional teachings of the Ojibwe. 

Based on her experience working with the students, Amanda Strong, acclaimed filmmaker and animator of Michif heritage, has adapted the mural into an animated, interactive VR experience.

Client: Sesqui

Work: Music

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