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Commercial videos

Comercial Work

With more then 12 years of experience in the commercial landscape Lodewijk has provided music for many main brands like Google, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Adidas, Roots, Advil, L’oréal, Canada Goose & The Bay.


Next to that Lodewijk has worked on Idents, program designs and channel rebrands. 

LIV - Chanel Rebrand (Finland)

Hero City - Channel rebrand (Belgium)

MTV - Channel Idents and program leaders (Sweden - Netherlands - Australia)

Comedy Central - Channel Idents (Netherlands)

Nice PIX - Program Design (Australia)

ZDF Heute Plus - News Leader (Germany)

HBO - Spring trailer (Netherlands)

ZIGGO - Channel Idents (Nehterland)

REGIONET - Channel rebrand (Netherlands)

MR TACHYON - Leader Design and score (Canada/United States)

Lodewijk Vos


Phone: 1-323-999-2609

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